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Wool is nature’s miracle fibre. Here are 13 reasons why we and many New Zealanders love using it in their homes.

Wool is nature’s miracle fibre. Individual wool fibres have hollow spaces or, medulla, which decreases thermal conductivity and gives it outstanding insulation performance. The wool fibre has a natural crimp or “springiness” which gives it natural loft and ability to entrap air which makes it the perfect natural insulator.

There is nothing man-made about wool, and New Zealand grows the best wool in the world.

Wool Insulation NZ supply and install wool insulation which is grown and manufactured right here in New Zealand.  You can be proud to buy locally made products and support Kiwi businesses.

Wool is a protein fibre similar in structure to human hair. It is biodegradable and non-toxic. Wool insulation is the best option for people who suffer allergies. Unlike fibreglass products, wool will not release small fragments of fibre into the air which can trigger allergic reactions in sensitive people. Wool does not produce toxic fumes and unlike fibreglass, wool can easily be installed without any special safety equipment.

Most of Wool Insulation NZ's wool insulation products can be recycled (some of them have already been recycled!) so it is the perfect green solution for home insulation needs.

Wool insulation uses only a fraction of the energy required to produce comparable manmade material.

Wool is one of the earth's most sustainable resources; annual shorn and replenished, the amount of wool available to supply the global appetite is only limited by the number of sheep farmed across the planet.

Wool is a long-life fibre, maintaining its moisture retention properties and flexibility for many years. It will then biodegrade in soil without harm to the planet and the environment, fulfilling optimum life-cycle benefits.

Wool can last for hundreds of years without losing its resilience or structure.  A good comparison is wool carpet, which can resist footfall in high traffic areas without losing either its appearance or its robust ability to function.

Wool has the unique ability to moderate the humidity inside your home. When the external temperature drops and the amount of moisture in the air increases, wool absorbs this increase, keeping the indoor environment stable and comfortable. In summer, wool helps to create a cooler, pleasant living environment.

Wool acts as a natural filter. It also has the ability to absorb formaldehyde and other indoor air pollutants such as sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide (which come from gas appliances) thus, providing a clean and healthy indoor air environment for your home.

Our natural wool products possess excellent sound absorbing qualities effectively reducing noise transmission from within and outside of your building.

Wool has a higher fire resitance than most other insulation products.  Wool will not burn but melt away from the ignition source and extinguish itself.


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