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Free Home Assessment

Invite us to your home for a free no obligation home insulation assessment. We will assess your home and give you insulation recommendations based on your needs.

Supply Only

We can supply you with insulation products for ceiling, walls and underfloor, so that you can do it yourself and save!


The average home loses 42% of the homes' heat through the ceiling. Our most popular ceiling insulation product is GreenWool-100%NZ™. GreenWool™ is 100% natural sheep’s wool. It is important that the entire area is covered in insulation with no gaps. This product goes right to the edges, which ensures a total cover.


Keep your feet warm with underfloor insulation. The insulation acts as a thermal barrier and stops draughts. Our most popular product is GreenWool Roll-Form R2.0. It is stapled to the joists so it doesn’t sag or drop.

Retrofit or New Builds

We specialise in Sheeps Wool insulation for new builds and already established homes.


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