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Caravan/Bus/Van Insulation

  • Over the years we have sold every product to deck out your caravans/buses/vans, check out our wool insulation options to suit your needs for your conversion
  • Get in contact with us to see how we could provide warmth to your retrofit. 
There is no better product than wool insulation to warm up your bus/van/camper. If you're keen to insulate your bus/van/camper here are some tips to get the ball rolling: 
  • Measure the cavity gap that you're wanting to insulate
  • Most people go for R2.0 because it is 70mm thick and will compress in those smaller spaces if needed
  • The second most popular option is the garage door insulation. These are 25mm thick and can be stuck in place with a contact adhesive - perfect for those harder to reach places like roof and floors 
  • You may also want to go for loose wool to get in those hard to reach places 

Be sure to give Richard a call and he can walk you through the next steps on 0800 88 99 77 

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